Monster Air Board- IB40

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Units are refurbished with minor carton damage- 12 month warranty


Save time and energy while ironing with the revolutionary IB40 Air Ironing Board – with a heated surface and a pressurised steam iron.

The Monster Air Board (IB40) revolutionises the concept of ironing. It is compact, light weight and convenient.

This Active Ironing Board features a heated aluminium surface with blowing and extraction settings, that makes everyday ironing easier and faster. The innovative design and small dimensions guarantees ease of use and excellent ironing performance in half the time of a conventional iron. The stainless steel boiler with professional-style iron and soleplate allows you to iron like the professionals.

The IB40 Air Ironing Board has 3 unique features:

Heating function – a heated aluminium surface that eliminates moisture condensation and stops the board from rusting. Traditional ironing boards are made of metal and start to rust due to the steam’s moisture coming from the iron.

Blower function – creates an air cushion underneath the garment for gentle ironing of delicate fabrics and for freshening up clothing.

Extraction function – helps pull steam deep down into thicker and coarser fabrics (such as jeans) so that only one side of the garment needs to be ironed. The extraction function also helps to hold the garment in place for comfortable ironing and to channel steam away from the fabric while the garment is being set flat by the iron.

Simplicity, design and practicality – everything you need for the professional ironing job at home!



Refurbished models left in stock- SAVE Over 50%

Units are refurbished with minor carton damage- 12 month warranty




Product Features

  • Easily adjusts to 9 different height settings
  • Detachable boiler for easy maintenance
  • Aluminium heated surface to dry out moisture to prevent rusting
  • Extraction setting is used to hold fabrics down and to draw steam through thick fabrics
  • Blowing setting is used to iron on a pillow of air for those delicate fabrics
  • Professional style iron with concentrated steam holes
  • Large heating surface on iron to set fabrics flat
  • Power saving mode feature to reduce energy consumption
  • Stainless Steel boiler construction to prevent rust, corrosion, calcification
  • Detachable iron for easy storage
  • Soleplate heat indicator
  • Compact and light weight for easy storage

Product Specs

  • Boiler Power- 1800W
  • Steam Iron pressure- 3.5 bars
  • Boiler capacity – 900ml
  • Dimensions- 117cm (H)  x 40cm (W) x 14cm (D)
  • Weight- 15 kgs
  • Warranty – Limited 12 months


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  • Filling bottle
  • Soleplate protector shoe
  • Cord support
  • Accessory storage bag


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