About Euroflex

About Euroflex

CH_recommended_October 2018_RGB_blue We did it again! Voted CHOICE Recommended for a number of consecutive years. See specific product details for the CHOICE Recommended logo.


SC_LOGO_partner_REuroflex Australia is a partner in the Sensitive Choice program conducted by the National Asthma Council Australia. Selected Euroflex products are approved under the Sensitive Choice program and  may assist in the management of Asthma or other respiratory issues; and in the management of skin sensitivities . See specific product details for the Sensitive Choice butterfly logo.


Euroflex products are sold under various product brand names, “Vapour” for its steam cleaning range and “Monster” for its exothermic cleaning range. Euroflex products are found at most electrical appliance retailers in Australia or online at www.euroflex.com.au. At Euroflex we have a range of floor steamers (otherwise known as steam mops) & steam cleaning products designed to simplify housework and change the way you clean forever! We manufacture floor steamers (steam mops), steam cleaners, steam ironing products, and the world’s first floor mop to use exothermic heat technology – the brand new Monster Hot Mop.  Euroflex’s use of ‘pressurized boiler technology,’ makes our steam hotter and drier than any other steam cleaner in Australia. Euroflex’s Vapour Steam Cleaners and Exothermic Mops are more cost effective than traditional cleaning products, and safer for the environment and your home. We know what’s important to you, so make the right choice for your family, and choose a Euroflex product.

Vapour Steam Cleaners

Vapour Steam Cleaners by Euroflex are economical and easy to use around the home. Our Vapour M6 steam cleaner is both light weight and easy to maneuver when steam cleaning. The boiler produces hotter and drier steam compared to other brands, to effortlessly lift dirt when cleaning surfaces and fixtures around the home. Take a look at our range of steam cleaners and simplify your housework today! Our Vapour M6 Steam Cleaner has been recognized as a CHOICE Recommended product and ranked as the Best Performer in the Barrel Steam Mop category.

Vapour Floor Steamers (Steam Mops)

Floor steam cleaners have been used in professional environments to create streak free floors & provide a deeper clean. Now, with a Vapour Floor Steamer you can have professional results in your home! Vapour Floor Steamers in Australia are the superior alternative to regular mops and buckets and most “wet steam” producing steam mops . The powerful steam produced by a Vapour Floor Steamer cleans all hard sealed floors, even water sensitive timber and floor boards thanks to Euroflex’s hotter and drier steam. More importantly Vapour Floor Steamers in Australia have an energy efficient design, saving you time and money. At Euroflex we specialize in INNOVATION, so for expert knowledge chat with us today about floor steamers for your home. Our flagship model Vapour M1 Floor Steamer- model EZ1R (also Vapour M2- model SC1z1) has been recognised as a “CHOICE” Recommended product for 5 consecutive rounds of testing of the steam mop category by CHOICE.

Exothermic Mop

Our Italian designers have produced the ONLY floor cleaning system that has the perfect balance of heat & moisture. The NEW Monster Hot Mop uses revolutionary Exothermic Technology, it incorporates a patented hot plate base, only 100ml of water; and a high quality microfibre pad so heat can dissolve dirt and grime. Your floors will look clean, renewed and sanitised. The NEW Monster Hot Mop …so effortless…so effective!

Euroflex Steam Irons

Steam irons in Australia are one of the most popular household appliances available. Euroflex steam irons have exceptional steam pressure that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove wrinkles twice as fast as regular irons. For professional results purchase a Euroflex steam iron.

We believe in the power of cleaning an entire home safely and efficiently with steam cleaning. Our floor steamers (steam mops), steam cleaners and steam irons combine a stylish Italian design with advance technology to simplify household chores. For more information about our steam cleaners and steam irons in Australia and a full product list, contact Euroflex , and change the way you clean forever!





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