Euroflex at home

At Euroflex, our aspiring objective is to modernise the traditional concept of domestic work in the home.

We understand that people these days are time poor, which is why the efficiency and simplicity of every Euroflex appliance guarantees excellent results with their performance and durability therefore resulting in less time spent and more energy saved.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of our lives, by giving us more free time to devote to ourselves and the things we

Creating healthier, Euroflex communities.

Our vision is to provide our customers with products which are innovative, stylishly designed and unmatched in quality and performance.

We do this by creating and utilise industry-leading technology whilst we work to educate our customers and encourage healthier communities. Helping to build a future in which we want to live in whilst standing by our 4 core values to help make this a reality:

  • Supply premium quality, high performance products
  • Deliver market leading household steam appliances
  • Market leaders in the steam category
  • Support and value our customers

When innovation meets design.

At Euroflex the quest for a high level of innovation, quality and reliability follows a meticulous path that develops from an initial idea to a product that meets the needs of our customers in a new, simple and intuitive way.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are driven by ensuring our customers domestic needs are met, always.

Euroflex is a creative and dynamic company, always evaluating the way things have been done before developing its own unique solutions using the most advanced technological systems. Due to these rigorous processes, Euroflex has produced its own, patented products.

Sensitive Choice Approved.

Selected products are approved under the Sensitive Choice program and may assist in the management of Asthma or other respiratory issues, and in the management of skin sensitivities. See specific product details for the Sensitive Choice butterfly logo.