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Discover the Best Steam Cleaning Solution for Pet Owners
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Discover the Best Steam Cleaning Solution for Pet Owners

In Australia, where our love for our pets is as vast as our beautiful landscapes, cleaning up after them can be a challenge. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or even reptiles, keeping your house tidy and hygienic is important.

Whether it's waste, pet hair, spilled food, or suspicious stains; the M3S is the best steam cleaner for the job. It’s a comprehensive solution for keeping your home germ-free and clean for everyone - including your furry friend.  

Unmatched Versatility for Australian Pet Owners

Whether you're dealing with the stubborn stains left by your Aussie Shepherd, odours from your cat's litter box, or droppings from your feathered companion, sometimes traditional cleaning methods just won’t cut it. Sweeping or using a mop and bucket can be inefficient and can’t completely remove germs and bacteria. These methods also tend to spread the dirt around rather than removing it, leaving residue on surfaces.

A Game-Changer for Hygiene Concerns

Traditional cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals that are unsafe for pets and can trigger allergies in humans. Furthermore, they often fail to eliminate all allergens and bacteria, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy home environment.

All Euroflex products, however, carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol, highlighting their suitability for people with asthma and allergies. They are also extensively researched and carefully manufactured in Italy with high-quality products. 

Disinfecting Surfaces

Regular cleaning methods may not effectively disinfect surfaces, leaving bacteria and viruses behind. This can be a particular concern in homes with pets, as they can easily transfer these germs around the house.

Odour Removal

Pets can often leave behind unpleasant odours that linger in laminate, carpets and other areas. They can be persistent and difficult to remove with standard cleaning products. These traditional products often mask the odours temporarily rather than eliminating them, which can lead to a build-up of smells over time.

Combats Messy Spills

One of the toughest challenges in a pet-friendly home is dealing with the constant spills. Pets can cause various spills, from water bowls to muddy paw prints or the dreaded toilet accidents. Traditional cleaning methods can struggle with these, either not fully removing the spill or taking a long time to dry, which can be inconvenient. There is also the case of bacteria and germs where traditional methods may not completely remove them.

Reduces Allergens

Traditional cleaning methods may not effectively remove pet dander and other allergens, which can accumulate in the home and cause health issues for those with allergies or respiratory problems. By addressing these typical hygiene issues, you are promoting a cleaner living space but also contributing significantly to the health and well-being of the entire household.

A Closer Look at the Euroflex M3S’s Capabilities

The Euroflex M3S Steam Cleaner introduces an innovative approach to home cleaning by combining steam power with its unique Antibacterial Solution. This reduces the presence of bacteria and viruses, which is especially crucial in areas where pets frequent. A laundry with litter boxes, your dog’s favourite spot on the couch or the bird’s messy cage will be bacteria-free in no time. 

This dual-tank system is designed to effectively kill 99.9% of germs upon contact. What makes it stand out is its long-lasting effect, keeping floors disinfected for up to 28 days. The use of the eco-friendly Antibacterial Solution alongside the steam enhances the M3S's cleaning capabilities, making it a revolutionary choice for those seeking a thorough, hygienic cleaning solution for their home.

Targeting Fleas and Pests

Its high-temperature steam and anti-bacterial properties are no match for fleas, offering a humane, eco-friendly method of pest control.

Paw Print Cleaning

Muddy or greasy paw prints on floors (or counters; looking at you cat owners) are effortlessly cleaned with a few passes of your M3S, keeping your floors and surfaces pristine. 

Sanitising Pet Bedding and Accessories

The heat from the Vapour M3S helps to sanitise pet bedding, toys, and accessories, eliminating germs, killing fleas and bed bugs and ensuring these spaces stay hygienic. 

Pet Hair Removal

Euroflex can help make handling pet hair on various surfaces much easier. Its high-pressured steam power loosens hair fibres, making them far easier to remove.

Small Animal Habitats

The M3S can also clean and sanitise small animal habitats like rabbit hutches or guinea pig cages, removing dirt and odours effectively.

Dealing with Spills

Whether it's spilled water bowls or messes from pet feeding areas, the M3S can effortlessly tackle these, maintaining cleanliness in areas where your pets eat and drink.

In summary, for pet owners, keeping a clean home is vital for the health and well-being of everyone in the home, including those pets. Advanced cleaning tools like the Euroflex M3S Steam Cleaner are essential, as they effectively eliminate the germs and allergens pets bring into our homes. With tools like the Euroflex M3S, keeping our homes clean and germ-free becomes easier, allowing us and our pets to enjoy a healthy, happy living space together.



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