Euroflex Vapour-M6S Compact Steam Cleaner

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Compact Barrel Style High-Pressure Steam Cleaner
The Euroflex Vapour M6S is a compact multi-purpose steam cleaner that provides a powerful yet gentle cleaning experience. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use and store, while its pressurised steam stainless steel boiler generates hot steam that can soften and loosen dirt on all washable surfaces like barbecue grills. With its multi-purpose cleaning accessories, the Vapour M6S is the it is the perfect economical all-rounder for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, making it ideal for use in any home.

If you're looking for a chemical-free and hygienic way to clean your home, look no further than the Euroflex M6S is one of the best high-pressure steam cleaners. It's powerful jets of steam, energy efficiency, and multi-purpose cleaning accessories make it the perfect cleaning solution for any home.
    • NEW upgraded accessories
    • Pressurised Stainless Steel Boiler
    • Hotter Drier Steam
    • Light weight and compact
    • Multipurpose use
    • Cleans sealed hard floors
    • Includes many cleaning accessories
    • Floor to ceiling cleaning
    • Energy Efficient
    • Water Efficient
    • Powerful steam pressure
    • Great economical all rounder

    Steam Cleaner: 1
    Floor brush (+adaptor) wth microfibre pad: 1
    Extension tube: 2
    Small Brush (+adaptor) with Fitted Pad: 1
    Filling funnel: 1
    Detail nozzle with angled tip: 1
    Grout Brush: 1
    Nylon Brush: 1 – Stainless steel brush: 1
    Palette Knife for detail nozzle: 1
    Window Tool: 1
    Shoulder strap: 1
    Instruction manual: 1
    Accessory Storage Bag: 1
    Warranty certificate: 1
    Warranty registration card: 1


    Model number : M6S
    Model description : Barrel
    Boiler construction : Stainless steel
    Boiler Power : 1450W
    Water capacity : 1200ml
    Pressure (maximum bars) : 4.5
    Heating time (minutes) : 6-7
    Usage time before refill (minutes) : 35-40
    Cable length (metres)- 5
    Weight (kgs) : 6.8
    Adaptor input : 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
    Max boiler temp : 130◦ C / 266◦ F
    Power light
    On/Off Switch
    Steam Ready Light
    Light weight Steam Gun
    Steam On/Off Trigger
    Two Thermostat System
    Pressure Release Valve
    Thermostat Control
    Microfibre Pads
    24 Month Repair Warranty


    Click below to download the Vapour M6S Instruction Manual

    Vapour M6S Instruction Manual

    Click below to download the Vapour M6S Steam Cleaner Brochure

    Vapour M6S Brochure

    High pressure

    4.5 bars of powerful steam pressure to cut through hard dirt found on barbecues, ovens and grout.

    Light weight and portable

    Easily manoeuvre around your home with our lightest and most compact cleaner. Seamlessness transition from windows to floors with included attachments and shoulder strap.

    Multi cleaner

    Clean every surface in your home with included attachments for windows, barbecues, floors and bench tops.

    Hot-Dry Vapour Steam

    Boiler heating to 130C, steam is drier and hotter than your average steam mop. This temperature is proven to kill germs, and results in dry floors in less than 60 seconds.

    Clean any floor type

    Our dry steam means you're able to clean almost any floor type. Unlike other brands you can clean hardwood, bamboo, laminate, timber, marble and other water sensitive floors.

    Italian design

    Engineered in Italy with a legacy dating back to 1994, our commitment to quality, durability, design, and performance sets the standard in the industry.