Hypoallergenic Cleaning with the Euroflex Antibacterial Steamer

Around two out of five Australians have allergies, including most people with asthma. Allergies occur when a person’s immune system reacts to substances (allergens) that are otherwise harmless to most people.

The allergy triggers can affect:


Most people are allergic to more than one trigger and sometimes the response is different. The severity of the allergic reaction varies between people and depends on the circumstances.

The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the trigger that causes it, but this is not always possible. However, reducing exposure to allergy triggers may make your symptoms easier to manage.

Some of the common triggers are:


Managing Asthma symptoms is a daily issue, however it can be more challenging during specific times of the year such as Spring time or during colder months of the year when the home is closed up. Here are a few tips using Euroflex’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial steamers that may help to manage allergy and asthma triggers.

Replace Chemical Cleaners with Heat

Chemical-based cleaning products are a known asthma trigger that affects breathing. Liquid sprays cause aerosolisation whereby ultra microscopic liquid particles are dispersed or suspended in the air and are breathed in, causing breathing difficulties. Skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema are also triggered by chemical cleaners and may increase the severity of skin irritations, itchiness, dry flaky skin, redness, and soreness.

By replacing chemical cleaners with a hypoallergenic cleaning product like natural steam, you eliminate asthma or allergy triggers. Cleaning the home with Euroflex vapour steam is an allergen-free approach, which is also referred to as being “hypoallergenic.”

The heat-based hypoallergenic cleaning approach used with Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners replaces detergents with heat when cleaning. The heat cuts through grime such as dog paw marks or softens food proteins typically found on kitchen floors such as pasta sauces, milk spills etc. This is possible thanks to the advanced Boiler Technology used by Euroflex to produce steam, the boiler superheats the water to create a vapour-like steam that is high in heat.

Not only does Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners help to eliminate allergy and asthma triggers, the super-hot antibacterial steam created by the boiler is more effective at killing 99% of germs, bacteria and some viruses compared to the steam made by other methods. It’s a natural and hygienic way to protect your family.

Kill Dust Mites in Bedding and Carpets.

Dust mites love to live in bedding and their waste triggers asthma while we sleep. Many people wash their linen and use a good vacuum cleaner to remove skin flakes that the dust mites feed on. But dust mites live deep within the mattress and are anchored by their long tentacles. The super-hot antibacterial steam from Euroflex multipurpose models can be used to kill dust mites in mattresses and pillows. Use the vapour steam on bedding during a sunny day, allow it to air dry throughout the day and enjoy a restful sleep at night.

Or attach the special carpet sledge with a pad to the base of Euroflex upright steam cleaners and use the hot steam to kill dust mites in carpets.

Stop Mould Growth

Using hypoallergenic cleaning products in areas that are humid or lack good ventilation can help to kill mould before it reaches toxic levels. Bathrooms are naturally wet areas and can give rise to mould growth, especially in showers. Mould in showers starts to appear in corners and grout as a pink discolouration, which then changes to yellow and orange as the mould becomes more entrenched. The time to clean with vapour-steam is when the mould is in the pink-yellow-orange colour spectrum, once the mould looks brown or black the mould starts to stain, and it becomes harder to reverse the effects of stain damage.

Dampness in homes found in tropical areas of Australia or during wet rainy seasons can result in mould growth on ceilings, places with little air circulation (such as wardrobes), or dark areas. Use Euroflex vapour steam to kill mould spores before they become a problem.

Euroflex Australia is a partner of the Sensitive Choice program run by the National Asthma Council Australia. Look for the blue butterfly logo to find products that are Asthma Council-approved to assist in the management of asthma and allergies.