Euroflex's Eco Friendly Cleaning Products: Green Steam Mops and Eco Steamers

Environmental Sustainability is a growing concern among many Australians. More and more people are asking themselves how they can interact with the planet in a responsible way without harming the environment or depleting the planet of its natural resources and preserving the planet for future generations.

Most people genuinely want to reduce their carbon footprint. However, they are conflicted between trying to do the right thing for the planet and not compromising on a clean home. Traditional cleaning methods and chemicals can be harmful to the environment in a number of ways.

Using Euroflex Vapour products means that you do not have to compromise on a clean home for the sake of the planet.

Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners are a chemical-free method to clean the home from floor to ceiling. Chemical cleaners quite often are toxic and harmful to the user and the environment. Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners replace chemical cleaners with a heat-based cleaning approach for the perfect eco-cleaning solution. The use of phosphates, beaches, chlorine, artificial colours and fragrances is completely eliminated when heat is used to clean the home.

Euroflex uses advanced boiler technology to produce superheated steam that is said to be more like a vapour. Vapour is produced when water is heated to a high temperature of around 115-150°C (usually in a boiler). Euroflex products raise the temperature to 130°C in its boiler, the high heat is used to soften dirt and grime on floors and surfaces. Heat is a well-known softening agent that softens and loosens dirt. It also functions as an eco-friendly cleaning product. Consumers are familiar with the power of heat to clean. Some other examples of where heat is used in the home are; dishwashers that use hot water to loosen dry stuck-on food on dishes, and washing machines that use hot water to wash the whites. This heat-based eco steam clean approach keeps us and the environment healthy and free of toxins and is commonly referred to as Green or “Eco-Cleaning”.

By cleaning the home with Euroflex Vapour Green Steam Mops chemicals and toxins are not poured into drains and not washed out into our waterways to kill aquatic life or to contaminate the soil.

The average Australian uses about 130kg of plastics per year, but only about 12% is recycled. The reality is that most plastics end up in landfills or are stored on large barges that are floating in the world’s oceans.

By cleaning the home with Euroflex Eco Steamers plastic bottles, containers and packaging do not end up in landfills or stored on large barges floating in the ocean.

Euroflex products use ordinary tap water. Due to global warming and changing global weather patterns, water has been in short supply at times resulting in drought conditions and restricted use of this very precious resource. Euroflex green steamers are very water efficient. One litre of water used in a vapour steam cleaner produces thousands of litres of steam and can clean the floors of an average size home, whereas one litre of water in a bucket with a mop only cleans a small floor area before the water gets dirty and unusable.

Euroflex Eco Cleaners are very waterwise and help to conserve water consumption.

Euroflex green steam mops use electricity. The reliance on coal-powered stations to produce electricity results in high emissions of carbon into the atmosphere that pollutes the planet. While all governments around the world are moving to greener and more renewable forms of energy, consumers are looking at ways of reducing their energy consumption and their high electricity costs. All Euroflex eco cleaners are made with thermostat control to reduce the use of electricity while cleaning.

Euroflex eco-friendly cleaning products help to reduce energy consumption while cleaning the home.

Lastly, Euroflex cleaners can be used repeatedly for many years due to their superb engineering and high quality, thereby reducing the amount of discarded or non-functioning appliances that end up as waste.

Euroflex green steam mops are well-made, durable, and long-lasting for many years of use, reducing our reliance on single-use wipes, mop heads and other disposable cleaning products.

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