Finish Your Spring Cleaning Checklist Using Euroflex’s Vapour Steam Technology

After a long, cold, and wet winter, a thorough spring cleaning is definitely needed. Accumulated allergens, pollutants, and clutter can take a massive toll on indoor air quality and cause those dreaded allergy symptoms to really flair up. 

Getting through all of your Spring Cleaning can be a daunting task but Euroflex is here to help with our Spring Cleaning Checklist.

This will be your guide to a streamlined cleaning process. We will break down all the standard spring cleaning jobs that are made easy with a Euroflex steam cleaner. Dividing the daunting task into manageable steps keeps you focused and prevents missed areas. And the satisfaction of ticking off your checklist as you go is an additional bonus!

Spring Cleaning With Euroflex's Vapour Steam Technology

Tiles and Floorboards

Euroflex's Vapour Steam Technology excels in cleaning various flooring types. Its dry, hot vapour steam effectively dissolves dirt and grime on tiles, hardwood, and laminate, leaving floors sanitised without the need for chemicals.

Aircon & Rangehood Filters

Vapour steam can refresh and clean pollutants from filters, helping maintain efficient air quality throughout the home.


With specialised attachments, Euroflex reaches deep into grout lines, dislodging embedded dirt and mould. The high heat from the steam also helps to rejuvenate grout in bathrooms and kitchens.

Car Detailing

Euroflex's precision steam cleaning attachments can penetrate car interiors, sanitising surfaces, and eliminating odours efficiently and without the need for harsh chemicals.

Window and Door Tracks

Euroflex's attachments access narrow spaces with high-pressure steam, effectively blasting away any accumulated dirt and debris in window and door tracks.

Counter and Table Tops

The vapour steam effortlessly tackles kitchen and dining surfaces, eliminating germs and grease. Steam breaks down spills and stains to be wiped away with ease.

Inside Bins

With the right attachments you can sanitise and deodorise the interior of your rubbish bins reducing foul odours and bacterial growth.

Behind Appliances

The high-pressure nozzle attachment can reach tight spaces behind appliances, dissolving grease and grime for an extremely thorough clean.


With the brush attachments steam cleaning can refresh upholstered, or PV chairs, helping to remove dust, and allergens.


The high heat of vapour steam assists in loosening baked-on grime in ovens, making them easier to clean and allowing you to avoid the use of heavy chemicals.

Kids Toys

Eliminate germs on toys quickly and easily with a Euroflex detail nozzle attachment. Ensure to not spray on soft plastics and take care when steaming.  


The dry vapour steam sanitises fridge interiors, eliminating odours and preserving food freshness.

Water Stains on Taps

Steam can assist in softening mineral deposits, restoring the shine to taps and fixtures.

Fabric and Curtains

Euroflex's steam attachments provide a surface-level refresh, but for thorough fabric and curtain cleaning, specialised methods may be needed.

Assisting with Allergen Reduction

While Euroflex's Vapour Steam Technology offers exceptional cleaning, there are areas that require specific tools or professional services for a complete solution:

Carpet Cleaning

While Euroflex refreshes carpets and reduces allergens, deep carpet cleaning may require professional equipment for optimal results.


Euroflex's Vapour Technology generates a high enough heat to eliminate dust mites and allergens from mattresses, contributing to a healthier sleep environment.


Euroflex can effectively refresh upholstery and kill dust mites which trigger allergies, but deep cleaning delicate fabrics might necessitate expert attention.

By incorporating Euroflex's Vapour Steam Technology into your spring cleaning checklist, you'll achieve a meticulously cleaned living space, reduced allergen exposure, and a healthier environment for the season ahead.

Contact one of the team at Euroflex and try it yourself this Spring!