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The Euroflex Difference - Steam Clean Laminate and Hardwood Floors With Ease
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The Euroflex Difference - Steam Clean Laminate and Hardwood Floors With Ease

There are many myths surrounding steam mops and which floor types they can be used on. A popular-held view is that they are unsuitable for laminate and hardwood floors due to the excessive moisture they produce. Euroflex is here to challenge that notion. 

With our innovative technology and commitment to quality, Euroflex steam cleaners offer a unique solution for cleaning water-sensitive floors through their dry steam vapour technology. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Euroflex Steam Cleaners and how they differ from generic steam mops, providing a safe and effective cleaning method for various floor types that were previously thought to be unsuitable for steam cleaning.

The Limitations of Generic Steam Mops 

Steam mops have been around for several decades now, but early models were often of low quality and produced with substandard materials. This typically resulted in cleaners that caused excess water and moisture to be accumulated on the flooring, eventually causing irreparable damage.  

Many cheap iterations flooded the market, leaving moisture behind and even causing water to enter the floorboard connections and adhesive. Laminate companies responded with a blanket ban on steam mops, warning users about the risks of warping and damaging their floors. This negative reputation created a widespread view that steam cleaning is not suitable for laminate and hardwood floors.

Euroflex's Innovative Approach 

Euroflex stands apart from generic steam mops by utilising boilers to produce steam, which is how commercial-strength steam cleaners produce steam. This advanced technology elevates the temperature and creates a drier steam known as "vapour." Euroflex Vapour Cleaners employ Ultra Dry Steam Technology, ensuring low-moisture vapour that is safe for use on water-sensitive floors. 


Advancements in floorboard technology have also resulted in stronger and more durable flooring surfaces, often enhanced with better sealants, most even boast waterproof properties. The advances in durable construction and heat-resistant sealants mean most floorboards and laminate can withstand the rigours of steam cleaning if a Euroflex model is used. 

Euroflex's track record also speaks for itself, with over 15 years of sales and a stellar reputation in the industry. What sets Euroflex apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We have never received a warranty claim for damaged flooring which is a testament to our expertise and dedication in producing reliable and safe steam cleaners. Furthermore, the Euroflex range of steam cleaners is widely sold in most retailers of electrical appliances giving consumers peace of mind that they can confidently place their trust in the quality and performance of our steam cleaners.

Heat-Based Cleaning for Optimum Results

Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners focuses on a heat-based cleaning approach rather than relying on excess water. By delivering the right balance of heat and moisture, these cleaners effectively cut through dirt and grime, making cleaning tasks quick and effortless. With Euroflex Vapour Cleaners, you can say goodbye to soggy floors and wet messes that are commonly associated with traditional steam mops.

In addition to their compatibility with floorboards and laminate, Euroflex Vapour Cleaners excel in delivering fast-drying, streak-free results. The perfect balance of heat and moisture in their cleaning process ensures that floors dry quickly without any unsightly streaks. Euroflex Vapour Cleaners also feature specially designed pads that effectively absorb moisture, with minimal water being released even after wringing them out. This means you can confidently clean your floors without the worry of excess moisture lingering or causing damage.

Model Comparison by Floor Type

  Floor Steam Cleaners   Multipurpose Steam Cleaners
Floor Chart M1 M2R M3S   M4S M6S
Sealed hardwood or parquetry Y Y Y   Y Y
Timber floorboards Y Y Y   Y Y
Laminate floorboards Y Y Y   Y Y
Bamboo floorboards X X X   X X
Tiles- ceramic, porcelain, vitrified X X X   X X
Marble X X X   X X
Highly polished concrete X X X   X X
Sheet Vinyl or linoleum X X X   X X
Luxury vinyl planks X X X   X X
Refreshing Carpets X X X   X X
Slate (rough or unsealed) X X X   X X
Vinyl planks with adhesive backing X X X   X X


Euroflex Vapour Steam Cleaners revolutionise the way we steam clean. Through our commitment to technology and innovation, we have developed a range of products that provide the perfect balance of heat and moisture for water-sensitive floors. With their low-moisture vapour, Euroflex Steam Cleaners offer a safe and efficient cleaning solution for laminate and hardwood floors as well as many other types of flooring. Embrace the power of heat-based cleaning and unlock the full potential of steam with Euroflex.



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