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Allergy Awareness Week: How Euroflex Steam Cleaners Help Target Common Allergy Triggers
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Allergy Awareness Week: How Euroflex Steam Cleaners Help Target Common Allergy Triggers

As the National Asthma Council of Australia prepares for Allergy Awareness Week, it's crucial to shed light on the impact of environmental triggers on individuals’ allergies. World Allergy Awareness Week serves as a global platform to increase public awareness and understanding of allergies and their management. By emphasising education and prevention, this annual event aims to address the rising prevalence of allergies, their symptoms and any related medical issues on an international level.

Understanding Allergy Awareness Week

Environmental factors and genetic predisposition contribute to he growing incidence of allergies globally. With approximately 8-10% of the global population affected by allergies, Allergy Awareness Week plays a vital role in creating awareness about risk factors, symptoms, and effective management strategies for allergic disorders. It brings together medical professionals, patient advocates, policymakers, and the general public to combat the under-diagnosis and under-treatment of allergies. Through collaboration and resource-sharing, this initiative strives to enhance allergy care and promote a better quality of life for allergy sufferers.
Allergy Awareness Week, takes place from 18th to 24th June 2023. As a proud Sensitive Choice partner, Euroflex supports this initiative and aligns with the National Asthma Council's mission to promote healthier living. By achieving the Sensitive Choice classification the Council awards, Euroflex demonstrates its commitment to offering products that meet the highest standards of allergy sensitivity.

Targeting Triggers for Allergies

Euroflex steam cleaners play a crucial role in combating common triggers that can worsen allergies. With a focus on three key triggers—chemicals, dust mites, and mould—our products provide an effective alternative to chemical-based cleaners. By harnessing the power of steam, Euroflex eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, ensuring a safer and healthier cleaning experience and reduced allergy symptoms. This natural approach is beneficial for individuals with asthma and allergies, as it minimises exposure to potential irritants. The powerful hot vapour steam from Euroflex’s steam mops and steam cleaners completely negates the need for harsh chemical cleaners. Each model therefore effectively eliminates the potential for irritants arising from the use of chemical cleaners.

Sensitive Choice Approved Products

Euroflex takes pride in offering Sensitive Choice Approved products, as evidenced by the Blue Butterfly logo. This recognition signifies Euroflex's dedication to providing solutions that have undergone rigorous evaluation and meets the standards set by the National Asthma Council. By partnering with Sensitive Choice, Euroflex reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of customers and their families, offering peace of mind and assurance when it comes to managing asthma and allergies.

Euroflex has a range of steam mop and steam cleaner models that are Sensitive Choice Approved Products:

Euroflex Vapour-M1 Floor Steam Cleaner

The Euroflex Vapour-M1 is specifically designed with a focus on effectively reducing allergy triggers on your floors. Its powerful steam technology penetrates deep into the surface, eliminating the need for floor cleaners that can cause respiratory issues and allergies. Attach the carpet sledge and use the hot steam to help kill dust mites in rugs and carpets.

Euroflex Vapour-M2R Floor Steam Cleaner with Ultra Dry Steam Technology

The Euroflex Vapour-M2R sets itself apart with its innovative Ultra Dry Steam Technology. The boiler ensures that steam is applied at an optimal moisture level, combined with the integrated heating plate, together they increase the heat for a “heat-based” cleaning approach not available with other floor cleaners. The high heat is more effective at killing allergens and its low moisture ensures fast drying streak-free floors. Also included is the carpet sledge to eliminate dust mites.

Euroflex Vapour-M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner

The Euroflex Vapour-M4S combines the power of steam and multipurpose tools to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing allergy triggers. Its hybrid functionality allows you to steam clean hard surface floors and other household surfaces such as bathrooms and kitchens to remove allergy triggers in all areas of the home. Its 2 in 1 design combines floor and surface cleaning in one easy-to-use appliance.

Euroflex Vapour-M6S Compact Steam Cleaner

The Euroflex Vapour-M6S is a barrel-style model that offers the largest water capacity and strongest steam pressure. Like the M4S, it is effective at removing dirt and grime, and many common allergens from washable floors and surfaces in the home, in an easy-to-use barrel design.

As Allergy Awareness Week approaches, Euroflex remains committed to supporting allergy sufferers and raising awareness about environmental triggers. By targeting common triggers such as chemicals, dust mites, and mould, our steam cleaning solutions provide a natural and effective approach to managing allergies. As a Sensitive Choice partner, Euroflex demonstrates its dedication to offering high-quality, allergy-sensitive products.

Join us in spreading the important message of living better with asthma and allergies by sharing this valuable information during Allergy Awareness Week and beyond.



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