It’s a powerful, non-toxic way to clean and sanitise surfaces throughout your home.

Vapour steam cleaning effectively trades heat for chemicals without sacrificing strength. Steam can quickly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, making it a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, all-natural way to clean your home from top to bottom.

The best thing is, you can use steam to clean nearly every surface in your home and since this technique only requires you to use water as a cleaning agent, you'll save on cleaning supplies as well as the toxicity that comes from them, also reduce the number of germs, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens. This all makes it environmentally friendly too so you're not leaving a huge footprint behind. Say goodbye to streaks and smudges that make surfaces look dirty and drab. Say hello to a sparkling shine, your home will look spotless while you protect your family from nasty germs.

The Euroflex Difference

The Euroflex range of Vapour steam cleaners and steam mops are designed by Euroflex Italy, a leading global manufacturer of domestic steam appliances.

Our range of household steam cleaners have been engineered using the same principles as commercial steam cleaning equipment. This means that our steam cleaners deliver maximum cleaning performance and benefit to users.

The main Euroflex difference is that all our steam mops and cleaners have a high-grade durable stainless-steel boiler at their core. The boiler is the "engine room" of all Euroflex models. Unlike other steam cleaning brands which produce a ‘wet steam’ (using a drip-feed system), our patented boiler super-heats water to a temperature of 130ºC and greater, producing a dry vapour that is used to clean most surfaces in and around the home, without using harsh chemical-based detergents.

Superheated steam made only by Euroflex products have 4 undisputable advantages:


Its hotter– hotter steam removes dirt faster with better cleaning results.


Its drier- drier steam does not leave excessive wetness, floors are “quick drying” without water marks or streaking. Not to mention its safer for water sensitive floors such as timber, bamboo and laminate.


Its continuous- there is no loss of steam or heat while cleaning for consistent cleaning performance from one corner of the room to another.


Its healthier – superheated steam is more effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs making floors and surfaces more hygienically clean.

High-Pressure Steam Cleaning

With high-powered pressurised steam Euroflex steam mops are proficient in tackling tough cleaning tasks, from grime on the grout to stubborn ground in dirt. With a variety of attachments and models Euroflex products will be a versatile tool for any home.

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Streak Free Steam Cleaning

Using steam to clean means you won't be leaving streaks or residue behind. With Euroflex’s advanced Ultra Dry Steam technology and specialized attachments, achieving a superb streak-free clean has never been easier.

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Sustainable Steam Cleaning

Euroflex has an unyielding commitment to providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions. By harnessing the power of steam instead of relying on harsh chemicals, Euroflex steam cleaners provide a sustainable and healthy way to clean your home.

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Steam Cleaning for Asthma and Allergy Management

Harsh cleaners can often be harmful to users, especially to people with Asthma and those with chemical sensitivities. That’s why we’re proud to say that selected Euroflex Steam Cleaners are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia under the Sensitive Choice program and may assist in the management of Asthma or other respiratory issues and in the management of skin sensitivities. See specific products for the Sensitive Choice butterfly logo.

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Comparison Test

A comparison of the boiler technology used in Euroflex upright steam cleaners and other floor cleaning systems was conducted to show the efficacy in drying speeds of each type.Euroflex Floor Steam Cleaners are heat-based for optimum cleaning results and the lowest moisture. Resulting in fast drying. Streak-free floors. You can see it for yourself.