Euroflex Smooth B2 Active Ironing System

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Experience a professional standard of ironing at home.

The Euroflex Smooth B2 stands as an epitome of precision in the domain of professional steam ironing board systems, meticulously crafted to redefine the ironing experience, elevating it beyond mere utility to a realm of enhanced efficiency and pleasure.

This exceptional system, integrates three key features into the active ironing board; an advanced heated surface, blowing function for floating ironing, and vacuum feature for perfectly crisp pressing. With three distinct functions seamlessly integrated, it has rightfully earned its place as one of the premier ironing systems in the current market landscape.


Anti-scaling filling bottle
Washable cotton ironing board cover
Professional iron
Safety protector shoe for hot iron
Iron cord support
Accessory storage bag


Seven height adjustments
Detachable boiler for easy maintenance
Aluminium heated surface to dry out moisture to prevent rusting
Vacuum suction setting to hold fabrics down and to draw steam through thick fabrics
Blowing setting is used to iron on a pillow of air for delicate fabrics
Professional style iron with concentrated steam holes
Power saving mode to reduce energy consumption
Stainless Steel boiler construction to prevent rust, corrosion, calcification
Detachable iron for easy storage
Product Specs
Power- 1950W
Rating- 220-240v
Cable length- 2.5m
Steam Iron pressure- 3.5 bars
Boiler capacity – 800ml
Dimensions- 120cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 16cm (D)
Weight- 15 kgs
Warranty – 24 months


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Active ironing board

Floating ironing

A signature feature of the B2S active board is the blowing function which creates a large air cushion under your garment. By creating a soft dome the iron gently glides across the fabric without creating any unwanted creases from pressure of pushing into a hard surface. This function is unmatched for steaming delicate fabrics in any direction to eliminate creases.

Active ironing board

Heated surface

The heating system is very important to keep the garments dry. Ironing over a heated surface avoids steam condensation creating an entirely more efficient system. A dry fabric after ironing is a fabric that remains ironed for a longer time.

Active ironing board

Vacuum suction

The vacuum function assures perfect results by helping steam to pass through the fibres of your garment. As the steam easily passes through the cloth it allows you to iron more than one layer of fabric at once in items such as jeans, linens and other thick fabrics that would typically need more than one pass. The vacuum system assures garments remain flat to speed up ironing time.

Professional style iron

Experience a professional style iron at home with 3.5 bars of powerful steam. Unlike a generic iron the smooth flat surface of the soleplate has minimal steam holes to concentrate steam which quickly removes wrinkles, while the large smooth area uses dry heat to set the fabric, ensuring a perfect, professional press, with no texture every time.

Vertical steaming

Combining the best of a steamer and a professional iron, the B2S commercial style iron allows you to steam clothes upright without the need for a separate garment steamer.

Double water capacity

The boiler holds 800mls of tap water, unlike generic domestic irons which typically only hold 350ml of distilled water.

One easy setting

Similar to a professional iron you no longer need to worry about adjusting the temperature with precision engineering perfect for all fabrics. Optional dry ironing and teflon insole for delicate fabrics.

Intuitive features

Folds away for easy storage, seven height adjustments, washable cover, anti corrosion boiler tank, removable boiler for easy maintenance.