Euroflex Smooth Active Professional Steam Ironing System - B2S

Euroflex's Steam Ironing Board for Professional Standard Garment Care

The Smooth Active Steam Ironing System allows you to iron like a professional. It cuts down on ironing time with better ironing results. It features 3 unique functions that revolutionise the task of ironing making it one of the best ironing systems on the market.

The Euroflex Smooth B2 is a professional steam ironing board system designed to make ironing easier, faster, and more enjoyable. With a heating surface, blower, and vacuum, it offers the best ally for perfect ironing. The board is lightweight, compact, and easy to handle, and it features a heating function, a blower function, and an extraction/vacuum function.

The heating function of the Smooth B2 comes from its heated aluminium surface that eliminates moisture condensation and stops the board from rusting. The blower function creates an air cushion underneath the garment for gentle ironing of delicate fabrics and freshening up clothing. The extraction/vacuum function helps pull steam deep down into thicker and coarser fabrics, making it unnecessary to iron both sides of the garment.

The Smooth B2 comes with a professional-style steam iron and soleplate similar to those found in commercial steam ironing systems. Its stainless steel boiler construction prevents rust, corrosion, and calcification. The board also features a power-saving mode to reduce energy consumption and easily adjusts to different height settings. In addition, it comes with a range of accessories, including an anti-scaling filling bottle, a washable cotton ironing board cover, a safety protector shoe for the hot iron, an iron cord support, and an accessory storage bag.

Simplicity, design and practicality – everything you need for a professional ironing job at home!


Anti-scaling filling bottle
Washable cotton ironing board cover
Professional iron
Safety protector shoe for hot iron
Iron cord support
Accessory storage bag


Easily adjusts to different height settings
Detachable boiler for easy maintenance
Aluminium heated surface to dry out moisture to prevent rusting
Extraction setting is used to hold fabrics down and to draw steam through thick fabrics
Blowing setting is used to iron on a pillow of air for those delicate fabrics
Professional style iron with concentrated steam holes
Large heating surface on iron to set fabrics flat
Power saving mode feature to reduce energy consumption
Stainless Steel boiler construction to prevent rust, corrosion, calcification
Detachable iron for easy storage
Soleplate heat indicator
Product Specs
Power- 1950W
Rating- 220-240v
Cable length- 2mtrs
Steam Iron pressure- 3.5 bars
Boiler capacity – 800ml
Dimensions- 120cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 16cm (D)
Weight- 15 kgs
Warranty – 24 months


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