Euroflex Vapour-M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner (model SC1M1)

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Hybrid Floor Steam Cleaner For Multiple Surfaces with Portability Options

The Euroflex Vapour M4S is a powerful and versatile hybrid steam cleaner designed to make your cleaning experience easy and effective. With a built-in boiler and hot plate system, it quickly superheats water to create dry, plentiful steam output and brings ample heat to clean various surfaces without leaving excessive wetness. This means that you can use it to steam clean your whole house from floor to ceiling without the use of toxic detergents.

When configured as a portable steam cleaner, the Euroflex Vapour M4S comes complete with a full range of accessories to clean and sanitise any home surface, including tools for windows and grout cleaning. It has an Electronic Steam Release function to continuously deliver an ample flow of steam with minimal volume or temperature loss, making it easy to handle large spaces or stubborn markings with ease. Additionally, the Vapour M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner is suitable for thoroughly washing away grime from floor edges with its powerful frontal steam jets. It also comes with a carpet sledge to help refresh rugs and carpets.

With its touch control on the steam gun, thermostat control for energy efficiency, and washable super absorbent microfibre floor pads, the Euroflex Vapour M4S is a convenient and reliable cleaning tool suitable for all sealed hard surface floors, including water-sensitive timber and floorboards. Plus, it is a Sensitive Choice-approved product by the National Asthma Council Australia, making it safe for people with asthma and allergies. And with free shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful cleaning tool without worrying about additional costs.

  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • NEW hotplate heat booster for extra cleaning power
  • Pressurised stainless steel boiler
  • Hotter and drier steam for quick drying floors without streaks
  • Frontal steam jets to clean edges of floors
  • Electronic Steam Release for  “no loss of steam heat” while cleaning
  • Touch control on steam gun
  • Thermostat control for energy efficiency
  • Washable super absorbent microfibre floor pads
  • Refreshes and deodorises carpets & rugs with carpet sledge
  • Suitable for all sealed hard surface floors including water sensitive timber and floor boards 

Steam Cleaner: 1
Washable floor microfibre pads: 2
Carpet sledge with washable microfibre pad: 1
Parking pad for resting: 1
Filling cup: 1 – Filling funnel: 1
Detailed Nozzle: 1
Grout Brush: 1
Nylon Brush: 2
Palette Knife: 1
Window Tool: 1
Small Brush (+adaptor) with with Fitted Pad: 1
Instruction manual: 1
Accessory Storage Bag: 1
Warranty certificate: 1
Warranty registration card: 1


Model number : SC1M1
Model description : Steam Cleaner
Boiler construction : Stainless steel
Boiler power : 1200W
Boiler capacity : 600ml
Pressure bars : 3.5 max
Heating time : 3 minutes
Usage time before refill : Approx 20 minutes
Cable length : 7 meters
Adaptor input : 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Max boiler temp : 130◦ C / 266◦ F
Warranty : 24 Months Warranty
Steam ready light
Two thermostat system as a safety feature
Pressure release valve for greater safety
Continuous steam for no loss of steam heat or pressure
Thermostat control to save on power costs
Microfibre floor pads- washable, reusable, replaceable


Click below to download the Vapour M4S Instruction Manual 


Click below to download the Vapour M4S Steam Cleaner Brochure 

Vapour M4S Brochure