Can I add perfumes or oils to my Floor Steamer or Steam Cleaner?

You CANNOT add detergents, perfumes, oils, or other chemicals to the Boiler. Doing so will damage the product. The product warranty will be null and void if anything other than water is added to the Boiler.

Can I use Antibak with any of the Euroflex Floor Steamers or Steam Cleaners

Antibak can only be used with the VapourM3 Superclean Floor Steamer (models SC1d1 or previous model EZ2). It must be measured and used in the FRONT TANK only, NEVER pour Antibak into the Boiler.

Why isn’t there steam coming out of front jets of my Floor Steamer when I pull the trigger?

The handle must be fully extended in order for the trigger to operate and produce frontal jet steam. Unlock the middle clip on the pole and pull the handle up to it’s maximum height. Test the trigger for tension before locking back into place.

Why does the Green Ready Light turn off when I’m using my Floor Steamer / Steam Cleaner?

Euroflex Steam Cleaners and Floor Steamers have a Thermostat Temperature Control. When the correct temperature in the boiler is reached, the thermostat cuts off power, making Euroflex products more energy efficient. The green ready light will go on and off while you are using the product (this is not a product fault).

When should I replace my Microfibre pads?

The Microfibre Pads are designed to last for hundreds of uses.  It will depend on how often you use your Pads and how well you clean & maintain them. Use mild soap and water to hand wash or a gentle cycle on the washing machine. Allow to air dry. Never use fabric softener or bleach. Replacement pads can be purchased at the electrical appliance store from whom you purchased your Euroflex steam product or for your convenience you can purchase them online from this website.

Does the Euroflex Floor Steamer or Euroflex Steam Cleaner clean carpets and rugs?

NO! Euroflex Floor Steamers and Steam Cleaners are not designed to steam clean carpets or rugs. The carpet sledge accessory tool provided with the Euroflex Floor Steamers will ONLY deodorise and refresh carpets and rugs, it will not clean the carpets or rugs. While the floor brush (without the microfiber pad) of the Euroflex Steam Cleaner can be run over carpets and rugs to also deodorise and refresh.

Can the Euroflex Steamers be used on laminate or floating floorboards.

YES!   Euroflex floor steamers can be used to clean all SEALED HARD  surface floors. All Euroflex Floor Steamers and Steam Cleaners use a Pressurised Boiler to produce steam. This means the stainless steel boiler heats up to 130◦C / 260◦F, producing HOTTER, DRIER STEAM, without leaving water sensitive floors soaked.


Where can I purchase replacement accessories for my Floor Steamer or Steamer Cleaner?

Certain accessory items are considered consumables, that is their effectiveness is reduced over time due to normal wear and tear. Replacement  packs of Microfibre Pads, and Nylon and Brass Brushes can be purchased through our online store or from the electrical appliance store from whom you purchased your Euroflex product.

Other accessory items may break or need replacing over time. Accessories can be purchased through our online store. Alternatively call the Euroflex Customer Support Line to order a replacement.

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